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If cute pictures of cuddly animals aren't enough for you to decide to open your heart and home to a furry friend, please read these wonderful stories of successful Home at Last Adoptions. Some are written by our staff and some by the adoptive familes who have opened their hearts to a furry companion. Please feel free to email your Home at Last Adoption Success story with us for use on this page and be an inspiration to others!


Dear Home at Last, Hope this finds you well. I thought you might like an update on Rusty since we officially have hit the one-month mark with our special boy. In his first month here he has made a few new friends, has had several play dates and goes with us just about everywhere.

We have taken him on an overnighter to Scotts Valley where he got to run on acreage, he has gone to Point Isabel with his doggie friend Lucy, he has made a few trips to Concord to visit with my parents and my sister's family, he comes along with me to pick up Aras from preschool, Suzy and Aras took him to the Alameda Wine and Art festival, we have taken him to dog parks in Joaquin Miller Park, Rockridge and San Francisco, and he goes on at least three hikes a week.

Aras and Rusty have become great friends. Rusty will chase Aras around the house and is always so very gentle with him. Rusty also has a habit of checking on Aras, I guess to make sure he is ok. He loves to steal the stuff animals over Aras' bed and make Aras chase him to get them back. (It is quite entertaining to Suzy and I.) Rusty is also a star when my sister's kids (ages 5 and 2) are around. He will even run with all three boys and is so amazingly happy to be hanging out with the kids. Rusty ignores the cats and we have now hit the point where all three of them like to lie in the sunroom during the day and nap. We have his grass allergy under control with Benadryl and fish oil.

Rusty has adapted to our family quickly and we can't imagine our family without him. He truly is a special dog and is so well loved by our family and friends. I can't thank you enough for allowing us to adopt Rusty. Sincerely, Vicky

P.S. Suzy said her late mother always insisted that a dog needed three names. So his official name is Sir Rusty James.



Hello, Home at Last

I just wanted to drop you note about how much we are enjoying Lilly. She is very sociable and after only two days she and Naboo are comfortable with each other. Lilly often runs up to him and rubs against him and gives him licks! It's very adorable to watch. She's eating well and is not intimidated to eat side by side with Naboo or with either me or my boyfriend watching. She knew immediately to use the litter box as well. She loves playing with all the toys we got for her as well as playing hide and seek with Best of all, she is very cuddly and sleeps with us at night! We are so pleased and excited to add her to our lives. I thought the other day what a wonderful foster mother she must have had as we are finding her very well adjusted and affectionate! Please give her our thanks and please feel free to check in whenever you feel like it!

Thank you so much, Stephanie



An update on our Gomer: I can honestly tell you, he is part of the family. He has blended in so amazing. All 7 of us love him like no other. He's a bit spoiled as he now sleeps on the love seat every night (covered with a sheet of course, ha) or in my son, Blake's bed. We have taken him to a cabin with us, he's been to numerous dog parks, but most often is shadow cliffs. He does best for sure when he is off leash, always stays near us and never causes any trouble. With in the last 6 months or so I've noticed he is getting protective of us, which I love. If someone comes to the door he is right there next to you with a bark or too :). Gomer is a GREAT dog and we thank you for letting him become part of our family! Attached are some pictures from lake Davis and then this last Christmas (the hat one is my fav!)


Thank you Home At Last for what you do! In November of 1999 we adopted "Pete" (we renamed him "Kai") from your organization and he as been the most wonderful addition to our lives. He has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and now that our time with him is limited, I think back to the beginning and how grateful we are that we found him through you. Every day with him has been a gift and we can't imagine not having him in our lives. Thank you each and every day for what you do--bring joy and love to families and loving animals.

Nanette & Jimmy


Casey (formerly Quincy)

We adopted Quincy last March & I just wanted to let you know that he's the love of our lives. My husband didn't have any experience with pitbulls & was skeptical about adopting one, but now he is the biggest pitbull fan & advocate going! I've always loved the breed but never had one in my home & now I'm an even bigger fan of bullies. Thanks go out to Joyce at Home At Last for patiently guiding us to the right companion. We didn't even have Quincy on our list of dogs we wanted to meet, but we're SO glad she suggested him to us. We feel like we hit the doggie jackpot!! Casey does well with people, children, other dogs -- even our cats! He has zero aggression & is just a big lover. Thanks again! Melissa

Romeo (formerly Mitchell)

Hello Animal People of Berkeley!
You all may or may not remember a certain red-nose pit/AmStaffie mix by the name of Mitchell adopted around this time last year, with all the animals that go in and out of the shelters! Well, Romeo, formerly known as Mitchell, is alive and well. He is the best dog I have ever known. He is a big snuggly dog that sleeps most of the day and all of the night, yet is ready for action at the park or a game of tug-of-war.

He is a mean looking pitty, yet he loves everyone, especially small children and babies. He currently knows over 30 different tricks and has a Good Dog Certification as well as a Therapy Dog certification. He is my best friend and my baby. It really amazes me that he was at the shelter for almost half a year! From lot-dog to couch-potato dog, I guess it was destiny!

Pretty soon I will be looking for a girlfriend to keep him company while I'm at work, he misses my old roomates dogs and needs someone to wrestle and snuggle with while I am away! Maybe I will be paying a visit with him to find the right playmate!

I've attached some photos for your enjoyment, use them as you wish and pass on the word that even the ugliest, scariest, worst reputation of dogs can be the sweetest and best behaved creatures you'll ever know!

Lots of love from Sterling and Romeo!


Baci (formerly Fido)


I just wanted to give you both an update on how our dear Baci is doing. We adopted Baci (once known as Fido) back in April. I am pleased to report that Baci is doing well as part of our family. He has grown considerably – now weighing in at approx. 75 lbs. (He came here weighing just over 50lbs...).

Baci loves his daily walks, playing with his "brothers" (our two sons), playing with our elderly cat, Chloe and generally living up to his name - which means kiss in Italian. He also treasures his chews (which he can't wait to take outside to bury) and his black kong. You can just see the smile in his eyes as he trots through the house, tail wagging, w/ his chew in his mouth!

Baci is also an official "canine good citizen" - he passed his test several months ago. And we constantly receive comments as to his good training. A few people have even asked if we are dog trainers! (no, I attribute the training to a couple of good classes and Baci's good nature). Not to mention the folks that stop and comment about how beautiful he is! We had one person pull his car over to comment, one person interrupt his phone call... and the list goes on. People are surprised that he came to us as a rescue.

I've attached a couple of pictures for your enjoyment. Hope you are both doing well. And thanks again for letting us bring Baci into our home.

Best, Laura Sciarrino


When we moved into an apartment a few years ago that would allow us to have cats, I immediately researched places where I could foster. Home At Last jumped out at me and after chatting with Janis I was hooked. She (and Traude) are amazing - they put so much love and care into their foster charges and the adoption mobiles every weekend, ensuring that the cats go to a well matched, wonderful homes!

We ended up fostering for about 2 years. We would have loved to adopt every single cat we fostered but due to our schedule, we knew it wasn't the right time. Even if it was incredibly hard to let our little furball charges go, we knew that Janis was placing them with amazing people who were a great fit.

Fast forward a bit - we were lucky enough to be able to settle into a permanent home base. We were fostering our big boy Bandit at the time with whom we just fell in love. We didn't have him very long before we decided to give him his forever home. We were actually quite saddened that meant an end to our fostering, but knowing our Bandit will grow old with us, makes it all worthwhile. We couldn't imagine life without him and considering he follows us around like a shadow and seems ok with having us as his personal belly-rub attendants.

I am grateful to have found Home At Last and admire their dedication to finding homes for so many pets.


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