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Angus, Pistol, Sweetkens and Bibi

Age: born March 8, 2017
Sex: Male, Neutered; Female, Spayed
Breed: Domestic Longhair: Black & White
Domestic Shorthair: Grey & White, Calico and Black

Angus, Pistol, Sweetkens, Bibi were born to a feral mother in the basement of a residential construction site in Oakland, slated for demolition. The mother cat did not move her kittens to a safer area over two weeks before construction was about to start. Mom was scared off, and babies were rescued when they were two and a half weeks old, and bottle-fed. They are now ready to find their forever homes.

Angus (male) is a black and white longhair. He’s strong, calm, not easily riled, but will join in the fun. Pistol (male) is a silver gray and white shorthair. He’s bold, always the first to jump in, and loves lying in wait and plays tricks. Sweetkens (female) is a calico shorthair. She’s quiet, smart, and likes to cuddle. Bibi (female) is a black shorthair. She’s the smallest, but holds her own. She likes to be held and listen to lullabies as she falls asleep.

They are very sweet, very attached to each other and very playful. They would like to be adopted in pairs and are searching for a loving forever home.

If interested please contact their foster at: Renate (510) 843-2153