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Carter and Zoe

Age: born April 1, 2020 - Carter
Age: born March 11, 2020 – Zoe
Sex: Male, neutered. Female, spayed
Breed: Domestic Shorthair - Black and White, Russian Blue mix

Carter and Zoe are both gentle, sweet and affectionate kittens, and have a great purr. Carter is Black and White, and Zoe is a Russian Blue mix. They like to be petted, and Carter also loves to curl up in your lap. Both are very playful and active. They will play with anything that is dangled in front of them, and will jump high to reach it, but are especially fond of the feather wand toy. Carter loves to have it all to himself, and when he is able to wrest it from you, carries it in his mouth to a favorite corner to play with. Other favorite toys are pipe cleaners, toy mice, little balls and, last but not least, the laser toy. After a game of chase and wrestling they are happy to cuddle together. They enjoy each other’s company very much and need to be adopted together.

Carter and Zoe are vaccinated, tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia, and are microchipped.