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Age: 4 years young
Sex: Female, spayed
Breed: Domestic Shorthair, Tortoiseshell

Jolene is a beautiful tortoiseshell cat, She is in need of a new home because her owner can no longer care for her because of a chronic illness. She's very loyal and cuddly (a great lap-cat), and a purring machine who loves attention from her caretakers. She's well behaved, and is remarkably attentive to her owner's routines. She'll willingly play with whomever offers her a string to chase, but is content to cuddle instead. She is mostly an indoor cat -- she has access to the outdoors, but prefers to stay inside.
Jolene will do fine as a single cat, but may do ok with a very mellow non-alpha cat. She does not like dogs. She has not been around children, but older children may be fine. She has a larger frame than most cats, and is a bit overweight. This doesn't take away from her agility, however, nor her quickness and her fondness for perching on higher ground. Jo will certainly scratch furniture if not provided with several scratching posts throughout the house.

Jolene is up to date on all vaccinations, tested negative or FIV and Feline Leukemia, and is microchipped. She has a clean medical record. Please contact Henrik at (802) 989-2927 or at if you are interested in providing a home for this loving cat.
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