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Misaka & Touma

Age: born April 10, 2020
Sex: Female, spayed. Male, neutered
Breed: Domestic Shorthair - Calico, Russian Blue Mix

Misaka and Touma love to play and explore together, then run back to their home base to cuddle together as they rest. Misaka is a tuxedo-like calico with a white stripe down her belly and adorable white socks on every paw. She is initially the more shy and cautious of the two, although she is extremely vocal when she wants something. When she warms up to you, she shows a lot of affection, whether curling up in your lap or cuddling up to you for naps and gentle petting; or picking up her favorite yellow pompom in her mouth to bring over to play next to you (and sometimes on you!). Touma, the dark gray male, is more likely the first to explore new locations. He’ll leap before he looks, and plays with the water in his water bowl. While unafraid of climbing onto laps, he’ll usually dodge away if you try to pet him for more than a few seconds. Both can be picked up and carried, especially if treats are involved. They must be adopted together and will do best in a calm home without young children.

Misaka and Touma are vaccinated, tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia, and are microchipped