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Age: born July 15, 2017
Sex:Female, spayed
Breed: Domestic Shorthair, Dilute Tortoiseshell

Molly is a sweet dilute tortie with very soft fur. She loves to be petted on her cheeks, head and chin. If her foster mom stops petting her Molly will remind her to continue by touching her with her paw. Molly will also roll over for some belly rubs and she especially loves to be scratched at the base of her tail. She does, however, not like to be picked up. At least, not yet.

During the day she likes to hang out in her cat tree in the foster mom's office, mostly lounging in the tunnel and at other times napping on the top shelf. She is not much into playing with toys except for ones stuffed with catnip. At night she is welcome to jump on her foster mom's bed but so far has not taken advantage of that. She is not bold when it comes to trying out new things.

Molly is enjoying the company of just one cat, he is the friendliest one of the foster's cats. So, a friendly cat would be a good match for her. She could also do well as a single cat especially if her person were not gone all day. In either case a calm adult only household would be best for our timid Molly.

Molly is vaccinated, tested negative for FIV amd Feline Leukemia, and is microchipped.

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