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Patrick and Lori

Age: born in April, 6, 2020
Sex:Male, neutered. Female, spayed
Breed: Domestic Shorthair - Gray Tabby, Light Gray and White

Patrick and Lori are curious, playful, extremely affectionate, and love human company. Patrick is a tabby who plays hard, purrs a lot, and loves his naps. He prefers to chase his favorite feather wand toy on top of the bed, but if he catches it on the floor, he’ll pick it up in his mouth to carry to a favorite corner. During petting, he frequently quickly flops onto the floor (or onto your foot!), and even rolls over to accept tummy rubs. Lori (short for Lorica) displays boundless energy and will meow for attention, wanting to be pet, or to climb up your lap, or to be held in your arms. She often shows affection through nuzzling, and kneeding with her paws, “making mochi.”

These sweet kittens are littermates who enjoy exploring, playing, and seeking human affection together, and must be adopted together.

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