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Ruby & Sapphire

Age: born December 16, 2019
Sex: Female, spayed
Breed: Domestic Medium-hair, Brown Tabby

Ruby and Sapphire are two beautiful brown tabby sisters with fluffy tails. They are both playful and affectionate. They spend lots of time chasing each other, or cuddling together. They both like playing with toys, but enjoy each other's company best of all. They are the sweetest, cuddliest cats without being pushy or needy. They are also very patient and almost nothing bothers or upsets them (even the vacuum!)

Ruby has a lot to say, she coos and trills often, sometimes she is asking for cuddles and sometimes she just comments on what is happening around her. Ruby will make sure you pet her, jumping into your lap when you are sitting on the couch. She was the first to come out from under the bed. Outgoing and playful, Ruby is the definitely the extrovert.

Sapphire is more reserved. She meows occasionally, but mostly likes to have you come to her. Once you are petting her, she doesn't want you to stop. Sometimes she comes and lies across your shoulders on the couch purring and hugging your head with her paws. She loves Ruby most of all, her favorite thing is to clean Ruby.

They are a bonded pair, love being together, and must be adopted together.

Ruby and Sapphire are vaccinated, tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia, and are microchipped.

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