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Sonny & Sarah

Age: born c. November 3, 2008
Sex: Male, neutered; Female, spayed
Breed: Domestic Medium-hair Black Tabby
Shorthair Brown Tabby with White

Sonny and Sarah are a cute brother and sister pair. Sarah is a striking shorthair cat, white with brown tabby markings. Her brother Sonny is a medium-hair black tabby with a little white on his face. They are both a little shy at first but love to sit in laps and be petted. Sonny and Sarah are very bonded to one another and must be adopted together. They like to be right next to each other, and love to snuggle, sleep, and play together. They are indoor cats, and will do best in a calm home without small children.

Sonny is a big, fluffy, floppy love bug. He is a little shy when he first meets you, but once he figures out that you are a friend he bumps your face with his head, walks all over your keyboard, and questions why he doesn't always have wet food in his bowl. He is a general ham. He makes a great pal and likes to sit right alongside your thigh on the couch, touching you with his paw every once in a while if your hand isn't on him so you know he's there.

Sarah is a long-legged, long-bodied athlete. She loves to be petted and purrs loudly. She chases everything with abandon--paper balls, fur mice, laser pointer beams, anything! She is curious and wants to know what is going on. She is shy when she first meets you and isn't as demonstrative as her brother, but she comes over for petting and love regularly.

Sonny and Sarah are microchipped, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia.

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