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Sex: Male, Neutered
Age: 1-2 years old
Weight: 60lbs

Cider is in URGENT need of a new foster home. Please contact us ASAP if you can foster our boy!

Cider is a wonderful dog who was just recently rescued from a city shelter. Cider now lives with his foster family in Emeryville, and is doing very well! His foster family consists of his human mom and dad, and a 5 year old, Sammy, and another canine buddy named Lucca ( who looks just like Cider!).

Cider was in poor health when he was rescued on 1/4/2019, but Cider is improving leaps and bounds. Cider has put on some weight and is now a really healthy pup! Cider gets along famously with all of this family members. Cider crates very well, is housetrained and has wonderful manners in the home. He is very obedient and is learning to take treats "softly." Lucca, his canine buddy, tends to rough house a little more enthusiastically than Cider, but Cider doesn't mind and is able to be the calmer canine between the two of them.

Cider tends to be very protective of his family. When someone comes into the home for a visit that he hasn't met before, Cider will do his sharing of barking, but is learning to take correction well. Cider does very well when introduced slowly to new people and other dogs out on a walk. It will sometimes take a few visits for Cider to get to know you, but he is learning quickly to be at ease with new people and situations.

Cider was taking dog lessons at the shelter with a group called Badrap. We are hoping to have Cider continue on with his lessons with either Bad Rap or another trainer.

Cider is neutered, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. Please contact Home at Last Rescue at or call 510-981-0890 if you would like more information about Cider!


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