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Sex: Female
Age: Approx 1yo
Weight: About 50lbs

Demi means half, but our Demi does nothing halfway! This lean, leggy gal is a natural athlete who's got energy to burn and can effortlessly clear the inner gate in our playroom area. She's a smart cookie and quick study who already has several obedience cues under her belt. Demi will make a great pal for an active adopter who wants a buddy for adventures in agility, hiking and the like. Young Demi is finding the shelter environment to be quite stressful and can be vocal in her kennel. Ask to meet her out of the kennel to experience the real Demi! She'll be happy to show off her magical leaping abilities, warm brown eyes, and soft inky black fur!

Demi is at Berkeley Animal Care Services and needs a home!


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