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Sex: Female
Breed: Pit bull-type dog
Age: 6 years
Weight: 40lbs

*URGENT* Medusa is currently residing at Berkeley Animal Care Services. Medusa has mast cell tumors, one of which is located on her snout, which complicates matters, and the shelter is unable to pursue treatment. We are urgently seeking a home for Medusa that can explore veterinary options and make the best decisions for her care. Her prognosis is unknown - with treatment, many dogs with mast cell tumors go on to enjoy a great quality of life for a number of years. Or, this may instead be a compassion hold-type situation. Whatever the outcome, Medusa deserves to complete her life in a warm, caring home, not a shelter kennel. She is an exceptionally nice dog, and has lived with other dogs before. Please share her pics and profile far and wide!


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