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Sex: Male
Age: Approx 5yo
Weight: About 85lbs

**URGENT** Moses is an exceptionally sweet dog who needs to get out of the shelter soon. He is a lover who would do well in a mellow home - both of his ACLs are torn, both of his rear patellas are luxated, and he suffers from some back issues from compensating for his leg problems. He is only about 3 to 4 years old, and would make for a lovely addition to a low-activity home, with adopters willing to help him manage his pain. This is sweet Moses' hour of need. Please share his pics and profile far and wide - we would love to see him find the right home. Message us or visit the shelter for more on Moses.

There isn't a pup sweeter than Moses! This very good boy responds well to head scratches and being called "cutie!" Moses is a calm cuddler, with a sleek black coat and fetching white patch on his neck. He has some problems with his back legs (two torn ACLs and luxated rear patellas), so he's a slow walker. However, he loves his short spins, and makes up for his physical limitations with his excitement to hang out with everyone he sees. Moses adores belly rubs... but he will likely love you even more. Come see this sweetheart today!

Age: 3 years (as of July 2018)
Sex: male
Weight: 50 lbs
Date Available: July 3, 2018

Ask for A043987

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