Committed to rescuing animals, and then placing them in loving homes.


Sex: Male, Neutered
Breed: American Bulldog mix
Age: 3-4 years
Weight: 50lbs

Children: No
Energy Level: Medium
Cats: TBD

Peter Pan has been being fostered by the woman that found him on the street a year ago. PP loves people! He gets along well with some dogs. Not a candidate for dog parks or off leash walks. He shares the home with a large male dog and they play beautifully together. PP is respectful of the blind cat in the home. He has been diagnosed at UC Davis with a heart murmur due to defected valve from birth. He does well with Beta blocker. (On average dogs in his condition on this medication are expected to live 4-5 years). He thrives well on holistic supplements. PP loves to cuddle, go on walks and rough house with his buddy. He listens well to commands and has an emotional side (Bulldog..)..he appreciates hugs a lot.


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