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Sex: Male, Neutered
Breed: Doberman/German Shepherd mix
Age: ~4-5 years
Weight: 50-60 lbs

Puttie is a Doberman/Shepherd. He is very loving and good natured with very few bad habits. He is very good with other dogs and ok with cats (just curious). Puttie is very good with small children as well. He is content to hang around the house with you, but also likes to get out and run.

Puttie is on seizure meds which keeps his seizures under control, and just has seizures a few times a year. He can be timid when on walks. He may want to retreat toward home or the car. He almost never barks and doesn't chew or have accidents. He would do best in a home with at least 2 people. He likes the feeling of community very much and I think it's what he needs most.

If your are interested in meeting Puttie, please email Home at Last at or call 510-981-0890.


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