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Sex: Female, Spayed
Breed: Boxer mix
Age: About 1.5 years
Weight: About 60lbs

Brains, brawn, and beauty - our Rhonda Rowzy is the complete package! This smart and curious gal is a breeze to harness and polite and well-mannered on walks, but when given the opportunity to let loose, she will go go go! She can turn a field with fallen tree branches into a DIY-agility course and loves a good stop, drop and roll in the grass. She also has the cutest furrowed brow when she's concentrating! This busy bee is a natural athlete and loves to play ball and to train and learn at BAD RAP's weekly training classes. Rhonda will be a great companion for an adopter seeking a buddy dog for active adventures. Her lucky adopter can get started on their adventures by continuing to take Rhonda to BAD RAP classes for FREE!


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